Our Location

The Benefits of the facility at 350 Wright Road - Piara Waters Pavillion
A large function room/ hall (which can cater for approximately 180 patrons) in which the players and spectators will be able to relax and watch the games taking place, this will also allow the Piara Water Cricket Club to host their own wind up night, plus quiz nights etc during the year.
The kitchen at the complex enables the club to sell various foods and soft drinks during home games which will raise valuable funds which can be used in the day to day running of the club. The kitchen area at the facility has serveries to both the internal functions room/ hall and also to the outside alfresco area. The kitchen is approx. 6 metres x 5 metres in size.
The facility has a board/ meeting room which allows the club to do team selections and board meetings in privacy rather than in the open where it was open to interruptions from external sources.
A Foyer at the facility runs from one side of the building to the other, this has a built in display cabinet where our trophies and flags can be displayed, plus honour boards can be installed so that visiting members of the community can see the history of the club. Sponsors signs are displayed through the facility during both our season and the off season.
The facility has 4 change rooms and 2 umpires rooms all with showers and toilets, as well as internal toilets for patrons and spectators, a first aid room, a cleaners room and a storage facility that allows the club to store the club gear over the off season rather than having to store everything at players houses over the off season.
As part of the move forward the board will be working very hard over the coming years to make the most of the potential of the facility and encourage as many members of the community to take part in the club and the club activities during the seasons. The Piara Waters Cricket Club has the potential to become one of the larger clubs within the SMCA competition.
The Piara Waters Cricket Club will have many costs over the coming years associated in the running of the club, we will be looking towards purchasing of signage, honour boards to be made up, new uniforms, etc. As such we are looking for sponsors to come on board for a 3 year period to assist with the setting up of the new club. Estimated Costs of the running the club from season to season are in the vicinity to $50,000 to $60,000 per year and as such we are chasing sponsors to come on board to help offset these costs.
Sponsors get their business names displayed around the club, be involved in club functions when they are available.